Meet Swim

Swim was designed from first principles as a completely integrated solution for building scalable, end-to-end streaming applications. Instead of configuring a separate message broker, app server and database, Swim provides for its own persistence, messaging, scheduling, clustering, replication, introspection, and security. Swim automatically optimizes utilization of available compute resources and processes data locally, building massively scalable applications from streaming data without limiting real-time performance.

What Is Swim?

Like a Distributed Operating System

Built from first principles, Swim comprehensively solves the problem of building massively distributed, real-time applications.

A Streaming Web

To transparently interconnect distributed applications, Swim upgrades HTTP to a continuously consistent, multiplexed streaming protocol, called WARP.

A Universal Runtime

With its small, self-contained runtime, Swim can seamlessly distribute applications across modest edge devices, large server clusters, and everything in between.

A Living User Experience

Humans are real-time beings. We experience life as a stream of consciousness. Swim's streaming UI frameworks make apps work the way users do.

Build Apps with Ease

Swim applications are comprised of stateful web agents, which represent real-world objects, and streamlets, bits of application logic which continuously analyze streaming inputs, update their own state, and stream output over their links to other streamlets or to users and applications. By combining web agents and streamlets, Swim developers can quickly model even the most complex real-world systems, processes and environments.

Example Apps

To try Swim, check out an example application, like Ripple, Traffic, Transit. Or clone a starter application on which to base a new app.

A real-time synchronous shared multiplayer experience built on the Swim platform

Processes 30,000 data points per second from connected traffic intersections

Analyzes application performance to deliver continuous insights in real-time

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Looking for Enterprise?

Swim provides a suite of software tools that make it easier to manage, operate and secure enterprise-scale applications. We also develop tailored solutions and applications for a wide range of industries by working with leading SI and cloud partners.

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