Proven at scale

Build streaming data applications in minutes not months

Application Platform
Developed to help you build massively distributed, streaming data applications.
Seamless Interconnectivity
Upgrades HTTP to a reliable multiplexed streaming protocol, WARP, that facilitates you to connects distributed applications
Universal Runtime
Self-contained runtime enables you to distribute applications at any scale; from edge devices to large server clusters.
Real-time UIs
Our UI frameworks empower you to make streaming data applications work how humans experience life, in real-time.
SwimOS Traffic Demo

A new stack for a new kind of app!

Swim is the only purpose built platform for streaming applications. Frameworks for stateful microservices, streaming APIs, and real-time UIs provide the full stack needed to run entity-based applications directly on streams of data.

Create streaming entities from streaming data

Designed for an ever-changing environment, SwimOS lets you continuously process and analyze streaming data in concert with contextual data to inform business-critical, operational decisions.

Through Stateful Web Agents, streaming APIs, and real-time UIs, Swim enables you to gain continuous intelligence and act on events at the speed of change.

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SwimOS Reference

  • Server

    Learn how to build stateful backend services for streaming data applications.

  • Client

    Learn how to build real-time user interfaces for streaming data applications.

  • Operational Guides

    Learn how to deploy, operate, and scale full stack streaming data applications.

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