What is WARP?

An introduction to the protocol which serves as the basis for communication between Web Agents and browser clients. It enables multiplexing bidirectional streams between large numbers of URIs over a single WebSocket connection

Getting Started

Steps for connecting to a SwimOS application and building UIs powered by streaming data



The go-to starting point for most data streaming and connection management use cases


A link which provides a virtual bidirectional stream between the client and a lane of a remote Web Agent, multiplexed by a WARP client.

Value Downlink

A WARP connection which synchronizes a shared real-time, scalar value with a remote value lane

Map Downlink

A WARP connection which synchronizes a shares real-time, key-value map with a remote map lane

Event Downlink

A WARP connection which provides a raw view of a WARP link. It receives all updates but is not purpose-built for a specific lane type.


Data Model

An overview of the data model contained within the @swim/structure library and why it is used for representing WARP messages.


The structures which constitute the data model within @swim/structure; starting with Item and continuing on to its subclasses: Field, Attr, Slot, and Value.


A class which may be used for providing type information to downlinks.