Swim Libraries

Swim implements a complete, self-contained, distributed application stack in an embeddable software library. To develop server-side Swim apps, add the swim-api library to your Java project. To write a JavaScript client application, install the @swim/client library from NPM. Select one of the boxes below (or scroll down) to get started with Swim.

To try Swim, check out one of our step-by-step tutorials. To build your own app, try cloning a starter application. Or continue reading to learn more about how to get started with Swim.

Java Server Quick Start

The Swim Java Server is a self-contained, distributed application server for stateful, streaming applications. Swim Server provides applications with persistence without a database, point-to-point messaging without a message broker, and execution scheduling without a job manager. Swim applications communicate using the WARP protocol, a multiplexed streaming upgrade to HTTP.

group: "org.swimos",
name: "swim-server",
version: "4.2.14"

Java Client Quick Start

The Swim Java Client is a minimal WARP streaming API client.

group: "org.swimos",
name: "swim-client",
version: "4.2.14"

JavaScript Client Quick Start

The Swim JavaScript Client is a WARP streaming API client for Node.js and browser applications.

npm i @swim/client@dev

Visit the frontend documentation for more on how to write a JavaScript client application.

Next Steps

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